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Tackling Material Utilization

We all know that MU is a big deal in todays everyday operations in a factory, but why do senior management overlook the fact that the fabric purchasing and usage is out of control, is it a lack of knowledge and understanding? the ins and outs of how to best calculate a yardage yield? is it they are aware of poor practices within the warehouse, lay planning and cutting rooms that they are stuck in a position that they cannot make big reductions in the purchasing?

Why not get an external evaluation of your current systems and procedures, I have over 20 years front end experience and can make that big difference on your bottom line profits. I have worked with just about every product type no matter of fabrication. get in touch so we can discuss options and how www.fabric-utilization.co.uk can ensure you get the most out of your biggest commodity.


#UtilizingFabricForProfit #CuttingExcellence

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