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Lay Plan Consumptions & Spread Projections

In this article i will explain why its so important to know what your spread projections are before you put a knife into the fabric.

A projected cut quantity should be applied to all lay plans in order to understand if you have enough fabric to complete the order, this report can also be used to pass onto the Merchandiser for their understanding as to why more fabric is required to fulfil the order quantity.

When a lay plan is calculated it should always be cross checked against the original YY (Yardage Yield) or Consumption in order to make important decisions.

Using a very simple xls file i can see that the current order will be negative of 22.96 meters that equates to 86 garments based on the actual YY.

With this detailed information the Merchandiser can make a calculated decision on how best to cut the order. A few questions can now be answered. 1) Do i have fabric in stock, 2) Can i pull fabric from another order, 3) do i need to cut in ratio as per the customers requirements, 4) Can i get more fabric from the supplier? Either way i need to make a decision with the information that i have on hand.

The report is not only used for reporting negative fabric or short shipment, it can also be used to maximise the shipment performance if i have additional fabric on hand.

The same report now shows i have an opportunity to cut 106% of the order quantity (where allowed from the buyer), this will give me as a factory more revenue, it will also allow me to use up all the fabric that i have on hand, clearing the space in the warehouse and coming off my annual redundant fabric stock figure.

What i have now is a report that shows during lay planning the planner was able to reduce the original YY, this could be because the order quantities contain more smaller sizes then the original calculation, it could also be down to pattern amendments or just down to a better skill from the operator, what ever the reason the system gives you advanced information to make the right decision.

New Consumption shows a saving from 0.26 down to 0.249 resulting in an additional 38 garments making the new cut projection of 102%.

Whats important is you update your database with the new YY for future purchasing of fabric on repeat orders.

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