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Fabric Relaxation

In the apparel industry the process of relaxing knitted, lycra or spandex fabrics can be a long and tiring process. People actually get confused with this process, thinking if they remove the fabric off a roll and leave it for 24 hours its become relaxed. There is one point during this process where a little tension can come out of a roll, this point is when the fabric actually hits the floor (bucket) because for a brief second the fabric has a chance to retract back to or as close to its original state.

Because it takes so long companies relax hundreds of rolls to be able to proceed with cutting the orders. the solution is C-TEX relaxation machines.

This machine actually allows you to take a roll of fabric sent from the supplier and cut immediately after running through the machine avoiding the 24 hour wait. The reason we relax fabric is to ensure that there are no measurement issues after cutting (cut pieces retracting). Now that you have this relaxation machine you can be confident that every roll used will have the same tension so you can now have one pattern for your production. Another advantage is you can now confirm both width and lengths of your rolls, this is key in ensuring the lay plans are made to the actual fabric width increasing marker efficiency and fabric utilization. When you have a relaxation machine you can also plan your fabric requirement in advance, meaning you just relax what you need.

This machine is available from email Fabric Utilization Ltd are very proud to say that they have seen and used such machines in operation in many different companies, most recent Delta Galil Egypt where they use the machines for 100% of its production. C-TEX also offer the perfect spreader to compliment the Fabric Relaxation Machine.

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