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Unique offering to all manufacturers in Bangladesh


We have decided to work together to provide an unbelievable offer to the manufacturing companies in Bangladesh. We will offer a free of charge initial review of your operation to establish the value added solutions we can offer to your company. This service will be half day visit where we will assess the opportunities you have to develop competitive edge and improve your profits. From this visit we can develop a project plan which will include an in depth audit and review of your operations to develop a full project with KPI’s, goals and milestones creating added value to your business.
Fabric Utilization has been operating since 2014 and from day one we have helped all our customers to improve their operations and turned their wasted assets into profits. We have developed close relationships with many of our customers over the years when they realized our approach to their issues are tailored to help them build and expand their business and see the value of the specific solutions that fit their operations.
With over 25 years of hands on factory experience I started my company after I had spent time working for a number of international companies based in Asia, Africa and Europe (including Youngone in Bangladesh both in Chittagong & Dhaka) before setting up Fabric Utilization Ltd and developing our modules and solutions to support many businesses globally, I have also been a consultant to international suppliers of cutting, CAD and supply chain solutions to support their projects on best operating systems – acquisition and best use/utilization of existing software.

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