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Do I need an Automated Cutting Machine / Spreaders?

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

I’ve been working in apparel for over twenty five years and worked in Asia for over sixteen plus years i have many conversations with factory directors, CEO’s and owners on the subject of CAM (computer aided manufacturing) the question arrises, “Do i need CAM in my factory”? The answer is simple, if you don’t know the answer yourself then its a no.

Why do i say its no? to put it in a simple way, you have not done your homework on the benefits (if any) of having CAM in your facilities. What are the major benefits of CAM? Quality, Quality and Quality.Is there any other benefit? depending on where your factory is located, i would say no.

Now we could argue that there are savings in material, this is a myth. absolutely no fabric will be saved in using automated spreading or cutting in your factories. Why? When making markers to go specifically on a cutting machine you must increase the area of your patterns (buffer allowance) this is to accommodate the heal cut of a blade when it lifts and plunges into the fabric causing notches in the pattern piece next or behind the piece that is being cut.

When you look at the ply height that an auto cutter can achieve depends on which cutter you buy as they all have different heights in which they can cut, sometimes you can cut more denim around 120 ply manually using a straight knife compared to only 80 ply on an automated cutting machine, so again in this instance you are actually putting pressure on your cutting room to get the required throughput. So savings here? Zero.

I can offer you a full CAD and Cutting evaluation in your facility to ensure you have what you need and don’t spend your money on equipment that is not required and will not get fully utilized…

For more info contact me at #UtilizingFabricForProfit THROUGH #CuttingExcellence

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