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On-Site Evaluation

Many Businesses do not fully understand the activities and impact CAD (Pattern & Marker Making) and Cutting Rooms can achieve. Fabric Utilization Ltd can help you and your team fully understand how to use and make savings in time quality and raw materials to create a seamless department that delivers value to the operation.

The investment in Pattern / Marker Making system & software with a Cutting Room consisting of Auto Spreaders and Cutters is considerable. My experience having worked for the biggest CAD/CAM producer in the world has given us the knowledge of what these systems can achieve, it’s the reason you invested in the technology. I see that most companies are only utilizing 55% of the systems & software and missing out the real value that can create value by reducing waste of material, time & manpower.

An On-Site evaluation covers the above review to ensure you are getting the best out of your biggest factory investment. This will then help you to ensure you are getting the most out of your biggest commodity “The Fabric”. Many companies think they are tackling this and getting the most out of it, but the reality is the when I look at operations within the Evaluation stage I see over usage of fabric and underutilization of equipment that is adding big cost into the process. I am sure you would benefit from an expert eye looking at this to determine the opportunities in your process and working practises.

What’s an Evaluation consist of?

CAD (Computer Aided Design):

Review of current Version and how it’s being utilized.

Is it worth upgrading versions (if available) based on how your pattern / Marker makers us the current version

How are your patterns generated / manipulated

How are your Lay Plans (Marker) generated

Cut Plans and how they are calculated

Lay Plan efficiencies

Potential Savings

How the fabric is requested from the warehouse and usage follow-up.

Front End Processes including Warehouse:

· How are your consumptions calculated

· What information backs up the consumptions

· How is your fabric received

· How is the fabric documented

· How is the fabric stored / batched

· Fabric handling and moved done

· Fabric Issuance (documentation)

· Acknowledgement and action for the requisition of accessory trims at spread level (linked process)

Cutting Room:

· How is the fabric requested from the Warehouse

· Fabric handling

· How is the fabric paired with markers (Width, Shade, Shrinkage)

· Table planning

· Spreader evaluation (Manual and Automatic)

· Spreading methods

· Splice Marker utilization

· Fabric Usage and recording

· Actual spread meters against achievable

· Fabric Reconciliation Report


· The focus is on what your current staffs understand about the importance and how critical fabric savings are.

· Identifying potential champions that are sometimes not noticed within the organisation.

· Manpower utilization – multiskilling /flexibility

5 Day On-Site Evaluation

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