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About Me.


With over 25 years of dedicated expertise in the Pattern, CAD, and Marker/Cutting domains, I stand as the driving force behind our company. My career has encompassed invaluable experience, spanning from serving within Vivienne Westwood’s Haute Couture Business to collaborating with major manufacturers supplying prominent US and European high street retailers. My extensive background extends across a diverse array of products and contract sizes, from boutique fashion lines to sizeable flow orders.


My portfolio boasts comprehensive involvement with various product categories, including structured clothing for both men and women, sportswear, swimwear, blouses, formal and casual shirts, lingerie, children’s and baby products. This spectrum of products underscores my profound understanding of the nuanced considerations required for fabric construction, yarn, and print design, ensuring precise Bill of Materials (BOM) calculations that factor in variables like shrinkage, performance, and allowances. My expertise further extends to optimizing marker consumption, understanding cutting room requisites, relaxation/special preparation, manual/machine spreading, and manual/automatic cutting.


When necessary, I leverage a network of dedicated experts to expedite project timelines and ensure competitive, repeatable performance across manufacturing processes, tailored to project parameters.


    •    Proficient in BOM calculations and precise allowance additions.

    •    Expert in linking marker and warehouse activities, optimizing width batch/marker ratios to maximise yield.

    •    Adept at implementing cutting room practices that convert warehouse/marker activity into cost-saving measures.

    •    Leverage CAD technology to harness the full potential of your workforce and equipment.

    •    Champion transparency within the cutting room.

    •    Strategically address fabric process losses.

    •    Our company is poised to deliver substantial savings by unlocking your business’s untapped potential, including:

    •    Preventing unnecessary purchases.

    •    Maximising utilization of acquired materials, thereby enhancing shipment performance.

    •    Contributing to a 10% to 30% improvement in the utilization of purchased raw materials, subsequently reflected in future BOM calculations.

    •    Liberating valuable warehouse space, augmenting profit margins, and alleviating cash flow constraints.


For more insights into my professional background and accomplishments, please find my LinkedIn Profile below.

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