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Fabric Savings Part 2

For the last sixteen years (twenty five years experience) i have been working in South East Asia i have noticed that whenever someone wants to check the efficiency of a cutting room the first port of call is looking at the end-loss at the end of a spread. What is it with this obsession? Yes granted that we can see how the cutting room follows standards and the disciplines can be checked, but we should also look at the big picture here. look at this example.

10 meter long marker
100 ply to spread
BOM 1.2 meters per garment
Average fabric roll length 71 meters
2cm end allowance each end of the spread
spreader overgoes the mark at the end by 1.5cm (total)
thats 0.015cm X 100 = 1.5 meters

That calculates at 1 garment, of course we would like to see that extra 1.5 cm converted into a garment(s), but lets look even deeper at this and take into account the remnant pieces of fabric left over. each one of those remnant pieces of fabric from the 14 roll is of far more interest then you think. Why? because you have no control over the length of remnant fabric from each roll. Thats until you look at Fabric Minimizer by Fabric Utilization Ltd 

Fabric Minimizer (new application)  will take the fabric information from the packing and QA reports for roll length, width, shade and shrinkage and will apply those roll to specific markers, using its algorithms it looks at how many plies can be achieved from each roll on each marker (taking into account splice markers if required) from the automatic generated cut plan.

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