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Auto Lay Planning (Nesting)

So i bring to your attention the idea behind automatic lay planning or Nesting as its known in Asia. What is Nesting of a marker. Its a software that will automatically place pattern pieces in a marker for the cutting of an order.

What are the advantages of Nesting? quite simply time. at no point should a Nested marker of any CAD brand be better then an experienced human making a marker on a CAD system. The biggest advantage you have of using a Nesting system is that you can have a firm idea on how many markers can be achieved in a single day as you can set parameters for them to work from. For example if your order requires 25 markers to be planned you can set a parameter on the Nesting software to spend only 5 minutes on each marker. 5 X 25 = 125 minutes or 2 hours 5 minutes. So with this in mind i know i can achieve a certain number of markers per day, or if I’m a clever planner i would set the Nesting to complete overnight so that when i come in the following day all my markers are done and i just need to review and plot.

In some instances it can be beneficial to have a nesting software when working with styles that contain a lot of small pieces, this way you can concentrate your efforts on the big pieces that determine the marker length and then use auto to place the small parts between the big ones. 

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