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Fabric Utilization Ltd 
Global Cutting Room Solutions


We are all aware 2020 has turned the industry upside down and we are all in unknown territory. The market place will recover but the changes that this period of time will have a huge impact on manufacturing with costs being squeezed as we all look to rebuild business. More than ever it is important to maximize workforce, raw materials and deliver speed and flexibility into the supply chain.  

The world of manufacturing will need to look to challenge traditional thinking to fit into the new market models of shorter lead times, consumer demands, speed to market and the impacts on margins. The industry is looking at the traditional ways to reduce costs as they look to cut back on labour as this is directly reflected on the bottom line. These actions will only be short term to survive the current market conditions but will not support the changes to come in the near future. 

Manufacturers, more than ever, now need to review their working processes & systems and staff capabilities to only purchase what is needed and use all raw material to maximize profit and reduce waste, release the fat in the process. We must build speed and accuracy into the supply chain. Better BOM's with system’s & processes and trained motivated staff to serve the customer and get the business back to profit with a streamlined, seamless operations. 

In today’s competitive environment every link in the supply chain must support the business. For factories the raw material warehouse drives the business efficiencies as the major non productive time is irregular and poor supply.  Your warehouse release to your production , knitting, cutting, Sew & pack needs to be controlled and accurate on time in full to ensure no one waits. It is now the time to measure, manage and maximise your end to end efficiency and ensure all departments are driving your performance. Fabric Utilization Ltd can adapt support and train your staff to understand their link in the daily supply chain and drive efficiency into your business end to end

 Fabric Utilization Ltd adopts a more scientific approach using the systems purchased, adapting and training use of them, to establish the cost and then ensure the departments are able to convert the costed materials to deliver the correct quantity to the customer order. Ship what is ordered, taking advantage of any over-ship agreement no more no less and reducing write-offs of raw materials due to over purchase. We build your supply to the finished goods warehouse from your purchase office and raw material management to minimize losses and wastage. Integrated systems managed with trained staff. 

Fabric Utilization Ltd can partner with you to unlock the potential in your teams and systems to allow you to meet the challenges ahead and establish a world class operation.

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