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I have over 25 ears' experience in CAD, Pattern & marker making developed over
time working with the best manufacturers, retailers & brands in the world.
Trained and developed my skills and experience in high fashion as well as fast
fashion manufacturing a wide range of products including Lingerie, men's
underwear, sportswear, sleep & loungewear, outerwear, denim products as well
as tailored/fit products

Marker Making Service


I can provide an alternative solution to you and your company by taking your

current and future orders, improving your consumptions and marker efficiency

and looking at the important part of development that creates the BOM to reduce

your fabric purchasing (save it by not buying it).

I am now offering a service to calculate and process your orders to the most cost

effective cut plans and efficient markers in order to improve your bottom line,

working on existing orders will allow you to overcut and increase shipment

performance, whilst working on new orders ensuring your BOM is accurate

making fabric booking correct thus eliminating high amounts of excess fabric in

stock or worse under shipping.


Does your company need our services? Message us today.

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