#UtilizingFabricForProfit THROUGH #CuttingExcellence

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Rising Cost's, Lower Profits? Time to find another way!

Costs have risen year on year, to their current levels and this will continue to accelerate. The world markets have Been Gripped by the credit crunch, and manufacturing constantly have to review their indirect costs due to increasing labour and logistic costs. Most companies try to tackle these issues by reviewing indirect costs and look to cut back on labour as this is directly reflected on the bottom line. However, these actions can be short term and means the company puts more pressure on the individual team members to deliver more with less. The large items within the costing of a product need to be fully understood and controlled, however many companies make 'knee jerk' decisions to BOM calculations, and add far more safety margins into the process 'just in case'

We need to be more scientific and use the systems purchased to establish the cost and then ensure the departments are able to convert the costed materials to deliver the correct quantity to the customer order. Ship what is ordered, taking advantage of any over-ship agreement no more no less and don't write off raw materials due to over purchase.

From development of product, and build-up of BOM, the process requires control and discipline that we can train and develop to unlock the lost margin within the front end process. We can help reduce the size of your redundant stocks by developing your systems, procedures and your staffs understanding of the lost opportunities in their current working methods. We can deliver best practices and tailored development for your people and business

Key to Profit:

  • Accurate CAD & Pattern, with developed accurate costing of all fabrics
  • Purchasing ONLY what is required for the order using the accurate BOM information – No additional allowances added.
  • Linked marker planning to sewing requirements to establish best ratio markers to ensure best yield from the fabrics.
  • Best practices employed in fabric preparation and fabric handling from warehouse to bundle, correct batching, relaxation, fabric transport & handling, spreading control and cutting disciplines
  • Well trained staff in all areas delivering dedicated skills to their various activities and so fully utilizing the equipment and systems and ensuring no waste of materials.