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Initial On Site Evaluation

The evaluation is conducted over 5 days, this involves observation of your full operating process & systems End to End to include warehousing, fabric preparation, material handling to delivery of quality cut goods to the sewing floor.

Areas or focus:

  • Fabric receipt from suppliers, what are the steps, how is the fabric batched and stored, lot selection?
  • Fabric inspection, what system is being used how does the reporting system link to marker making, what information is shared to utilize fabric?
  • Establish typical order & product mix currently in process.
  • Cutting room targets and capacities, what can be done, what is the expectation? 
  • Review all systems for pattern making, how is the data from the warehouse used to establish the pattern approval?
  • Evaluate CAD usage, we believe it could be Gerber PDS (to be confirmed), users ability does the team have clear understanding to utilise the full functionality of the applications? 
  • Marker calculation, what system is used for the calculation of ratios to put into the markers, what information is shared for special markers, target efficiencies, fabric utilization?
  • Table planning, capacities, targets & efficiency to plan.
  • Fabric relaxation system, Fabric release to the cutting room, material handling, material flow. 
  • Spreading method, automatic & manual equipment assessment.
  • Cutting equipment assessment. 
  • Bundling process, what does it include, how is it managed?
  • What triggers cut goods release?
  • Review all WIP thru the process
  • Management & supervisor assessment.
  • Staff skill assessment & headcount review.

At the end of the site visit from the data and information the evaluation highlights we can agree what can be achieved with current equipment and working practises, what are the expectations of the company, and what could be activities could be done to improve productivity.

A Tailored Project For Your Business

From the evaluation I will develop a comprehensive project using the information from your business linked with validated systems that are tried and tested that have been implemented and installed into many factories to create a system and process to deliver cost effective solutions, improving quality & productivity of your operation, as well as developing staff and management controls . 

Project Time

The overall project time varies from company to company dependent on the evaluation outcome, normally in the region of 14 weeks spread over 7 trips with each trip being 10 days in the factory, actual timeframe can only be determined after the evaluation.

Implementation and Milestones

Each visit will have pre-determined targets, these will be established and put into the project plan, this achieves transparency for both me and your business so that progress can be monitored and any concerns to be dealt with if and when they arise.