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Tackling Material Utilization

We all know that MU is a big deal in todays everyday operations in a factory, but why do senior management overlook the fact that the fabric purchasing and usage is out of control, is it a lack of knowledge and understanding? the ins and...

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Denim wastage less then 1%

Two of Bangladesh’s largest demin manufacturers have installed Threadsol’s flagship application IntelloCut with amazing results, take a look for yourself and see what the GM said about the results generated by the system. The article was in this month Stitch World Magazine. click the below...

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Clawing Back Fabric Wastage’s Part 2

So two months back i published “Clawing back Fabric Wastage’s Part I” This post is the second part introducing IntelloBuy to the equation of fabric wastage’s and how to make savings. IntelloBuy connects 24/7 with IntelloCut making sure that you always have the correct process loss added to your ordering...

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Clawing Back Fabric Wastage’s Part 1

If we look at how most modern day cutting rooms are run, are we using more fabrics to accommodate automation? Spreaders using more end allowance then stipulated in the Cutting wastage, how about buffers that are applied to patterns to avoid quality issues? How can...

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