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Clawing Back Fabric Wastage’s Part 1

If we look at how most modern day cutting rooms are run, are we using more fabrics to accommodate automation? Spreaders using more end allowance then stipulated in the Cutting wastage, how about buffers that are applied to patterns to avoid quality issues?

How can we claw back these unaccounted for allowances?

One idea is to have a better cut plan solution ensuring that you get better ratio’s in your markers. The other is a fabric management solution like IntelloCut from ThreadSol Software Pvt Ltd

IntelloCut is an application that accurately calculates which markers (Lay Plans) should be paired with specific rolls of fabric. The system will take into account all the desired parameters like Width, Shade and Shrinkage ensuring you don’t compromise quality.

IntelloCut will then plan your remnant pieces of fabric to ensure that the maximum fabric usage is achieved, only leaving remaining fabrics less then the actual BOM (not original estimate) and fabric in actual roll form that can be used to either cut additional garments or use on another order. Ultimately this fabric should not be purchased, this is where IntelloBuy comes into effect. (IntelloCut can efficiently plan your cut plans if you don’t have any automatic cut plan solution).

in theory most manufacturing units add on average 3% to a marker yardage yield to accommodate these Wastages, with IntelloCut we target An overall process loss of just +/- 1% have a massive effect on your fabric requirements….

Typical remnant piece of fabric using IntelloCut





Come back to read the follow up on IntelloBuy and how your company can become a true master at Fabric Utilization….

in the meantime make contact Challenge the Present and join our #WarAgainstWastage


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