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Fabric Relaxation


In the apparel industry the process of relaxing knitted, lycra or spandex fabrics can be a long and tiring process. People actually get confused with this process, thinking if they remove the fabric off a roll and leave it for 24 hours its become relaxed....

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The Perfect WorkFlow in your Cutting Room

When traveling we know that the quickest and easiest route between two points is a straight line, this thinking should be applied in a workplace. In this example i will show you how to set up a cutting room in order to increase throughput whilst...

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Lay Plan Consumptions & Spread Projections

In this article i will explain why its so important to know what your spread projections are before you put a knife into the fabric. A projected cut quantity should be applied to all lay plans in order to understand if you have enough fabric...

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How important is Fabric Reconciliation ?

So you have a scenario where as after completing your orders you have balance fabrics left over. This could seriously damage your company in monetary value. The above picture shows us the look of a well maintained warehouse, now most factories will have a warehouse...

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Do i need CAM?

I’ve been working in apparel for over twenty five years and worked in Asia for over sixteen plus years i have many conversations with factory directors, CEO’s and owners on the subject of CAM (computer aided manufacturing)  the question arrises, “Do i need CAM in...

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Auto Lay Planning (Nesting)

So i bring to your attention the idea behind automatic lay planning or Nesting as its known in Asia. What is Nesting of a marker. Its a software that will automatically place pattern pieces in a marker for the cutting of an order. What are...

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Fabric Savings Part 2

For the last sixteen years (twenty five years experience) i have been working in South East Asia i have noticed that whenever someone wants to check the efficiency of a cutting room the first port of call is looking at the end-loss at the end...

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Fabric Savings Part 1

When factories look at fabric savings the immediate place to start is lay planning and how efficient the markers are and the sizes within. I’m working on a project now where I’m looking at the process loss of the spreading. By controlling the end-loss, overlap...

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Tackling Material Utilization

We all know that MU is a big deal in todays everyday operations in a factory, but why do senior management overlook the fact that the fabric purchasing and usage is out of control, is it a lack of knowledge and understanding? the ins and...

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